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Our students, within the scope of the courses -Practical School Experience and Teaching Practicum- taught in 7th and 8th semesters, attend state and private primary and high schools affiliated by the Ministry of National Education. They have the golden opportunity of learning through eperience and implementing the theory.

At the school;, the teacher candidates closely observe the courses, take steps into complementing theoretical knowledge with implementation and pedagogical experience under the supervision of the advisory language teacher and faculty member in charge. Furthermore, teacher candidates implement their own lesson plans in the further stages of the semester. While they experience the excitement of taking the first steps into the profeesional life, they gain the chance of evaluating themselves and their peers. They have new attainments as they receive feedback on their practices and test the effectiveness of the teachings. 

Moreover, in the course of Teaching Practicum in the last semester, they share the experiences of teaching practices with one another, raise their awareness, get well aware of the shortcomings or drawbacks, and thinks about possible alternative solutions to the problems. As a result, they develop their self- and peer-evaluation skills. By watching the recordings of the teaching practices along with the instructor, they better identify their strengths and weaknesses.