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Message From The Department Head

Message from the Department Head

Dear Students and Student Candidates,  

As Henry Adams states "a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his fluence stops." From this point forth, by equipping you with the requisite prestige of the occupation you have been prepared to profess, helping you to gain consciousness of being "a good person" first and foremost is the primary objective of us as the Academic Staff of Sakarya University English Language Teaching Department. The improbability of the academic background built upon the humanitarian values you possess making any sense on its own will be better understood at the time the significance of featured values of multidimensionality of teaching in the educational domain is appreciated. We have been trying to act as taking full account of the responsibility the Great Leader Atatürk landed upon us by integrating the success of Turkey Republic with teachers’ successes. We have been approaching your, pre-service teachers’ trainings meticulously, and endeavoring to establish the most fertile educational environment by benefiting from the opportunities up to it hilt at each step. Performing this purposeful task, as the teaching staff, we know that our greatest motivation source is to see that you, our precious students put one more building block upon your personal identity with the help of the fund you have received here, hence we are aware the basic goal of education is to raise individuals who have “free mind, free conscience and free knowledge”. After providing the education sparing no sacrifice universally, we definitely know our teachers taking their fist steps towards their professional life will feature the spirit gained with us in the Sakarya University ELT Programme everywhere, behave according to total quality manner, and provide full support qua team members working together independently of the environment. We have no doubt that our students will be privileged of being a member of Sakarya University in every kind of environments with the academic fund and the humanistic approach they gain here. I have full faith in the students who are supposed to be aware of the sharp bends on the road they are about to set forth and act accordingly will represent us best in different places after the graduation by sharing our co-mission. 

Best regards, 
Prof. Dr. Firdevs KARAHAN
SAU Foreign Languages Education Department Head