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Mission and Vision



The English Language Teaching Department's primary mission is to get the preservice teachers through the prestige of the profession they are about to perform. Our sole object is to make our students place the point that our Head Teacher emphasized during his speech to the members of Congress of Teachers Association on 25 August 1924 to the center of their professional lives, and show a maximum effort to internalize the responsibility of raising generations who "free mind, free conscience and free knowledge" as the Republic wants.The preservice teachers, who knows the significance of the profession society they are about to enter in terms of survival integration of each institution of the country, will represent us as individuals who possess the qualities as dedicated to the importance of interdisciplinary concept, possessing the equipage of the age, integrating the major area knowledge with the professional knowledge successfully, thinking analytically, developing problem-solving methods, innovative, and preserving the basic values at all costs


To raise individuals capable of:

  • comprehending all speech kinds whether on broadcast medium or in real life,
  • comprehension of abstract, structural and linguistically complex all kinds of text types such as articles on the field, and expression of themselves in the target language in all kinds discussions,
  • understanding and actively using the phrases and  various structures of colloquial language,
  • expressing themselves fluently,
  • expressing the slight details of the meaning in a certain and correct way,
  • designing the speech based on different structures in difficulties
  • presenting clear and comprehensive descriptions with the help of correct style for the context and effective logical structuralist way for the listener's comprehension of little details, supporting their ideas based on references as anti-thesis during a discussion,
  • producing texts by using comprehensive and correct expressions through a suitable style of speech.
  • by approaching a text from different point of view, gasping the meaning profoundly and developing original comments accordingly,
  • overcoming the prospective problems they may enforce during their professional lives.